THe Kitchen Garden

In harmony with the requirements of the inns kitchen

Penton, Carlisle CA6 5QB
Rooms, Restaurant & Bar
The walled garden is run in the traditional way, producing herbs, fruit and vegetables for the table and flowers for cutting. Mark the Head Gardener and the kitchen garden staff have always worked closely with the chefs at the Inn to satisfy their requirements. 
Varieties of fruit and vegetables are chosen to suit menus which change throughout the year, giving a genuine reflection of the changing seasons. The garden is managed using natural techniques with organic fertilizers and pest control based on minimal pesticide use, employing rotational cropping as an essential practice.  

The new glasshouses are Victorian replicas, but with biomass heating linked to an electronic climate control system, with heated beds and benches for the all year- round production of micro veg and other salad crops. Other produce that requires warmth, such as tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are grown in season. Grape vines are to be trained underneath the glasshouse roof and peaches, apricots and nectarines are being espaliered against the walls.

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